Complete iPad cash register for
  • The Juice Bar
  • The Clothing Store
  • The Delicacy
  • The Bike Shop
  • The Restaurant
  • The Coffee Shop

User-friendly and mobile Point of Sale that allows you to give your customers the level of service they expect.

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With Wallmob OneStore, you can treat your entire store as one big cash register, allowing you to give your customers the level of service they expect today, and perform transactions wherever you are.

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Why choose OneStore?

With Wallmob OneStore, you can treat your entire store as one big cash \nregister, allowing you to give your customers the level of service they \nexpect today, and perform transactions wherever you are.

OneStore is the most cost-effective, user-friendly and secure wireless \ncash register. OneStore integrates seamlessly with your existing \ninventory and financial management systems and web store, and is as easy\n to use as the iPad it runs on.

Typical POS hardware setup

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OneStore standard bundle

Wallmob OneStore provides everything your business needs for a functioning cash register terminal solution, also called ePOS (electronic Point of Sale).

  • "With OneStore, we received the cash register that best suits our stylish, simple interior. We had demands for the usability and the possibility for flexible design of our products. OneStore's design and usage fit together perfectly and fulfill our demands for a cash register system."

    Iena Pradhan, Project Manager, BioMega

  • "I love OneStore because it facilitates my workflow. I can quickly enter things into the cash register and complete a transaction. If prices change, this can be corrected in 10 seconds. The clear frontpage and sleek design make it easy to work with as well as looking great."

    Pia Johansen, Store Manager, Top Brewer

  • "Wallmob OneStore gathers our business, so the physical store and accounting work together. The integrated terminal reduces transaction times and makes the overall solution seem extremely professional. We really benefit from the promotion module, where we have the opportunity to enter offers, so for example purchasing three shirts gives a special price. OneStore deserves praise for its usability and sleek design, which facilitates my work."

    Casper Thiemke Chau, Store Manager, Bruun & Stengade.

  • "The optimization of our of our retail business combined with OneStore's user-friendly solution made Wallmob the obvious choice for us."

    Emil Palle Andersen, Owner, Frankly Market

  • "When we opened the restaurant, we needed some special features for the POS system. The features came, as promised, with the next update. We use the possibility of open prices when we sell wine with the food, since each glass has different prices. Thanks to the updates, we always ensure that our system is up to date and continuously developing."

    Jacob Lauridsen, Restaurant manager, Restaurant Taller

  • "I have chosen OneStore for my store in Torvehallerne because it was the best solution for us. In Torvehallerne, there are extremely busy peak periods, so the possibility of adding more cash registers when the line gets longer is brilliant. I have subsequently purchased the integrated terminal to optimize the solution and facilitate transactions."

    Mikkel Sarbo, Owner, Hallernes Smørrebrød