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Venues POS

360-degree Venue Catering

Venue operators at e.g. concerts constantly look for ways to drive performance and increase revenue. Wallmob’s POS range for venues is the ideal way of achieving those objectives coupled with increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. With the mobile POS, you can sell more by scaling your sales ability to match demand, e.g. increases during breaks. Rather than sticking with paper-based tickets, membership and season passes, our Customer-Centric App stores everything. Furthermore, the optional barcode scanner makes it easy to scan and validate tickets.

  • Validate tickets and passes in a breeze
  • Sell more during breaks
  • Reduce queues with cashless payments

Matching Supply with Demand

Venue catering us about seizing the moment and selling as much as possible during breaks. Thanks to Wallmob’s mobile POS, venue operators can scale to match the exponential demand increase and even sell both within and outside the actual venue location.

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Ticket Validation Made Easy

Leave paper-based tickets behind and distribute everything electronically to the Customer-Centric App running on the customer’s smartphone. Combined with the barcode scanner, which is an integral part of our mobile POS, you can easily check and validate tickets.

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