POWAPOS: All-in-One Point of Sale System

The PowaPOS T25 is an all-in-one Point of Sale system designed as a turnkey solution for merchants to take advantage of emerging tablet-based POS applications. The T25 incorporates all common retail peripherals into a single, elegant and ergonomic form, requiring less counter space and reducing cost.

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All components integrated: stand, printer, power, barcode scanner

Plug and Play

Everything works out of the box.
You only need to worry about connecting power and cash drawer.


Connects via mobile broadband out of
the box – no Wi-Fi needed.


All-in-One Retail Solution

Convert your Wallmob POS into an all-in-one retail solution with the PowaPOS stand.

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Wallmob iPad-based Stand

With its Scandinavian design, the iPad stand enhances the look and feel of the intuitive UI and invites the customer to an aesthetic buying experience. It is beautiful placed on the counter, mounted on the wall or carried around the store.

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Easy to Move

Meet your customer on the floor
by detaching the stand from the dock.


Create a more static point of sale
by enabling the locking mechanism.


No training or manuals required
to operate the iPad stand.


Help both your business and your customer

Your point of sale is key to running a good business, and with the iPad stand you can place it anywhere in the store and still integrate it with any backend system. In turn, you can improve customer service and sales greatly.

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