With the Wallmob POS, you can sell seamlessly and transparently across channels in one united process, handling it from a single POS characterized by Scandinavian design and usability.

Wallmob is the core your Omni-Channel retail business, allowing you to deliver unique service through any channel and get customer loyalty in return.

Omni-Channel in Practice

Wallmob integrates your online shop 100 percent with your physical store. Watch the video to get a first-hand impression of how our POS can improve retail sales and service.

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  • Ship from the store

    Ship purchased items to online customers directly from the physical store, thereby enhancing delivery speed.

  • Save the Sale

    Never lose a sale! Use the Omni-Channel system to find alternative ways to sell to your customer at any time.

  • Buy whenever, wherever and however you want

    Your Omni-Channel store is always open, letting your customers buy from you the way they prefer at any hour of the day or night.


Our solutions seamlessly integrates with any backend system you have and is fully customizable. For example, we integrate with IT systems such as SAP, Navision, Demandware, Microsoft, hybris, Magento and e-conomic.

Never lose the big picture of your business or spend unnecessary time managing it. Everything is right there at your fingertips, and the API is open for everyone who wants to integrate and develop unique solutions for their retail stores.

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Simplistic Design the Scandinavian Way

Visually, the Wallmob POS follows a historical Scandinavian tradition of simplistic design, and the inherent ease of use combined with powerful customization features makes it an ideal choice for any client wishing to both simplify and unify their physical POS and e-commerce platforms.

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Same-Day Delivery

Omni-Channel allows you to implement a same-day delivery system and excel in fast service for online customers. The biggest challenge for online retail is making customers wait too long for their items. With same-day delivery option those days are over.

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