The Future of Retail

Wallmob's cloud-based Point-of-Sale solution effectively breaks down the barriers between the physical store and e-commerce. We specialize in uniting all platforms in order to optimize sales and earnings, and at the same time improve the shopping experience as well as customer loyalty.

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Wallmob POS with PowaPOS Stand

Cloud-based Point of Sale

Wallmob is your link between the past and the future of retail. We use innovative tablet POS technologies to make your point of sale mobile with full integration of backend systems such as EPR and eCommerce. Our products and solutions are customer-focused and allow you to build a unique service experience around your retail business.

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Delivering a Unified Experience

Take the step beyond Omni-Channel; in the new consumer-shopping era, enterprises need to deliver a unified commerce experience. Wallmob can tie together the newest commerce software with existing systems to form a greater whole, and you can manage it all from your Point of Sale.

Wallmob is the link between the past and the future of commerce, resulting in a seamless customer experience and an improved bottom line.