Wallmob has partnered with Powa Technologies to offer an all-in-one POS system, incorporating a built in thermal printer, 2D QR/barcode scanner, orientation sensor, as well as the optional PowaPOS cash drawer, all powered by a single cord and with a compact footprint. Combined with Wallmob’s cloud-based POS software, there are no limitations in terms of what your retail business can achieve.

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Wallmob Stand

With its Scandinavian design, the iPad stand enhances the look and feel of the intuitive UI and invites the customer to an outstanding buying experience. The precise manufacturing of the laser cuts in the stand turns your point of sale into a beautiful and highly flexible solution.

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The printer can be set up to print both reciepts and labels and works conveniently with the rest of your system.

Cash drawer

The cash drawer provided is easily set up with the rest of your point of sale and meet all of the security standards. Open it through the Wallmob POS system or with a key.


The scanner works wireless via Bluetooth. It is ergonomic and light weighted. The 2D scanner is able to scan both barcodes and QR codes and works with all of the devices provided by Wallmob.


Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a secure mobility payment solution combined with the Wallmob POS software.

ISMP Companion

The ISMP Companion is ready to process credit cards right out of the box. With its Bluetooth connection to the Wallmob POS system, you do not have to type the price on the credit card reader anymore. The POS system is simply sending the information.