Increase Efficiency in Digital Stores

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Digital POS

Empower Your Customers

The fast-moving market for consumer electronics means that all kinds of digital stores needs a POS capable of increasing customer interaction and satisfaction as well as sales. Wallmob’s mobile POS makes it possible to perform transactions anywhere in the store, and you can open as many cash registers as required during peak hours and in connection with e.g. holiday sales.

  • Avoid long queues
  • Improve sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Self-Service POS

With the Self-Service POS, consumer electronics stores can increase operational efficiency. Furthermore, it is possible to increase customer loyalty and engagement by introducing new ways of selling, e.g. through a touch-based system configurator where customers can build their own computer in an intuitive way. You can even take the concept of a Self-Service POS to the next level by opening up an unmanned brick-and-mortar retail store, where customers can order from your central stock.

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Open as Many POS Systems as Needed

Expand your current reach significantly with Wallmob’s mPOS devices, allowing you to add cash registers including credit card terminals in order to match perform more transactions and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction.

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