Live Dashboard

Overview all sales directly from the dashboard, both from mobile devices and computers, whether they are online sales or sales from your physical store.

The dashboard lets you follow any sale in your physical or virtual store live on graphs. Track the performance of your business in real time as your margin per product or other KPIs. The dashboard is extremely easy to use. The intuitive UI makes it faster than ever to get an instant overview of your operation.

Dashbaord products
  • KPI’s on the Fly

    Dig deeper into the numbers by quickly calculating your margin per product, or simply monitor your KPI’s on the fly.

  • Flexible

    The dashboard monitors anything in your operation that you want. It is completely flexible for you to adjust for exactly your needs.

  • International

    The dashboard integrates with a multitude of languages and easily converts currencies. It’s a great tool for running an international business.

Live Dashboard

Follow any sale in your store live on graphs, and enjoy not having to crunch numbers to get a quick overview of your business’s performance.