Wallmob apps are customer-focused from the very beginning. Whether it’s our standard apps or our customized apps, we always keep the customer in mind. We want the unique customer experience ourselves and strive to deliver the best possible version of it every time.

  • Intuitive

    Wallmob has an incredible intuitive UI that makes it easy to use without previous training.

  • Secure real-time

    Wallmob’s solutions work seamlessly together in a secure real time connection.

  • Mobile

    Wallmob’s technology is based on mobile solutions for better flexibility and customer service./p>

Empowering the customer

Going Omni-Channel not only means combining all sales and service channels and ensuring transparency across them, it equally means that you empower your customer. Our customer-centric apps transform the customer’s own device into a point of sale, which frees up resources in your retail store, increases sales and upgrades the perceived level of service significantly.

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Joe & the Juice

Joe & the Juice, the Danish food and beverage chain, is taking customer-centricity to the next level thanks to the mobile app from Wallmob. The app allows for ordering on the go, paying directly in the app and notifying customers about order status – and integrates directly with the POS and all backend systems.

  • Order on the Go

    No more waiting in line for your order. Simply order on the go and pick up your order at a desired time.

  • Pay Directly in the App

    Payment is an integral part of the app, making every transaction a breeze for both you and your customer.

  • Notification about Order

    Once the order is ready for pick-up, the app automatically notifies the customer.

The Red Cross

Selling is Serious Business

To the Red Cross, having a unique solution matching their existing brand identity is extremely important to communicate the often-serious message given in the Red Cross campaigns. Wallmob created a solution that not only improves the workflow of the Red Cross’s business, but also strengthens their brand image.