Transforming Retail Business at Canteens and Schools

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Fashion POS

Reliable, Cashless Catering

Wallmob’s POS solution for canteens and schools makes it straightforward to match the demand increase during peak hours simply by opening more POS systems. Coupled with our Customer-Centric App and Order POS, you can make a cashless environment with a significant reduction of long ques. Furthermore, management is a breeze no matter how many canteens you run thanks to the cloud-based back office.

  • Open as many POS systems as needed
  • Park and split receipts
  • Excellent back office management
Canteens POS with PoWa POS


We have created a specific POS product range for canteens and schools, which can realize considerable cost savings and a higher service quality. Queues can be reduced greatly, e.g. by means of the customer-centric app, which can eliminate the need for cash payments. Order handling becomes a transparent, efficient process: when the order ticks in on the POS device, it synchronizes instantly with the kitchen’s Order POS.

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Centralized Canteen Management

With our back office, you can manage an unlimited amount of canteens from a central location – all running in the cloud, available from any device. Simply log onto the web-based interface and keep track of sales achievements and other customized KPIs. Get in full control during peak periods and handle the increased order influx optimally, all founded on sound data.