Customized apps

Besides the standard Wallmob POS apps, we offer customized apps to extend the functionality of your existing POS system. Whether it’s based on Wallmob’s technology or a third party, we are able to develop the app just for you.

  • Precision

    The right functionality for your business is crucial. Customization gives you a precise instrument to work with.

  • Integration

    Add your customized app to your existing POS system and individualize it for your needs.

  • Expand

    Expand your solutions with the development of your business. Have your next customized app work on top of your current system.

Extended Functionality

Customized apps come with many advantages over the standard apps. You get exactly what you need for optimizing your business, and you can integrate with the standard apps any time.

Joe & The Juice case

We developed a customized mobile application for the Danish juice bar Joe & the Juice. Customers can avoid queues and waiting and get the VIP treatment every time with features allowing them to order and pay directly from iPhone on-the-go and fetch the order in the nearest Joe & The Juice bar.

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Joe & The Juice App