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The integration platform Wallmob Connect makes it possible for companies to integrate with Wallmob’s POS software. Connect already integrates with leading companies within eCommerce, ERP, Payment and Loyalty. Learn how to become a partner, or find out who is integrated or certified with our platform.

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Omni-Channel Partner Proposition

Partner Program

As a Wallmob Connect Certified Partner, you can access our integration platform via our API (Application Programming Interface) or ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). You can get a fully customized layout across all POS devices, implemented as a whitelabel solution.

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Reseller Program

In order to be qualified to sell Wallmob-based solutions to customers, you need to become a Connect Certified Reseller. As a Certified Reseller, your business can resell a fully customized layout across all POS devices, implemented as a whitelabel solution. Perfect for agencies within e-commerce and related areas.

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By becoming a Connect Referral Partner, we provide your company commission in return for client leads that convert.

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Technical Partner

Agencies and various IT companies can apply to become a Connect Technical Partner.

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How Connect Works

The wait is over. We are launching Wallmob Connect – a cloud-based collaboration platform that makes it easy for commercial partners to work with our API. This means that your POS solution will have faster and continuous access to integrations for ERP/financial systems, web shops, inventory management and more.

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Wallmob POS integrates with IT systems such as ERP, eCommerce, payment, gift and loyalty cards. We currently integrate with providers such as Visma, Demandware and Teller.

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Cloud-based Point of Sale

Wallmob is your link between the past and the future of retail. We use innovative tablet POS technologies to make your point of sale mobile with full integration of backend systems such as EPR and eCommerce. Our products and solutions are customer-focused and allow you to build a unique service experience around your retail business.

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We welcome new partners and affiliates to join our fast-growing commerce integration platform. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to integrate with our API.

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