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Movita Communications is one of the top leading companies in unified communication. Our success is driven by simplifying communications and enhancing our customer’s lifestyle. We are committed in providing tangible value to our customers by operating responsibly, distinctively, and efficiently. We are involved in virtually every facet of the communications. We research, innovate, and develop advanced voice, video, and text communications that integrate deeply into various global industries. We market and distribute our solutions through our own telecom service and partner providers.



Movita was founded by veterans in the telecommunication industry. with combined experience of more than 52 years of building new products and working with large providers such as Vodafone, France Telecom, Telefonica Spain, Verizon, AT&T, Telstra, and VimpleCom. Driven by the transformation of the telecommunications industry by new technologies such as the cloud computing, VoIP, and mobile applications, Movita Communications was founded to provide rich, simple, and ubiquitous communications.

  • The employees of Movita are a tight unit of highly specialized and professional people working in teams with focus and commitment.
  • Established in 2009, Movita Communications traces its roots and beliefs based on its founders with strong ethics towards buiding a high quality service.
  • Movita Communications currently operates in three countries (Canada, United States, and Australia) and services customers in more than 60 countries.
  • We monitor every transaction from swipe to payment. We protect your data like our business depends on it — because it does.
  • Support is always within reach. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you via phone, mail and in person. We are always here for you.
  • We offer a wide range of services, making the customer feel at home with every purchase, contact us to find out more about what we have to offer.